Who We Are

Westway Enterprises LLC is a highly successful security services company with over 35 years of profitable operations. For the past 16 years we’ve distinguished ourselves by providing a unique approach, enabling innovation by changing the way Federal government agencies and the private sector connect and collaborate in secure environments at all levels of classification. Through continual process and infrastructure improvements, Westway maintains its position as the leading provider of security services in classified environments. Additionally, Westway excels in sharing our in-depth knowledge with our clients via consulting services in the area of secure facility design and construction, management of secure facilities and classified IT network design, installation and operation.

What We Believe In


  • Do what’s right
  • Tell the truth
  • Walk the talk


  • Responsible & accountable
  • Empower people & leaders
  • Courageous conversations


  • Dignity & respect
  • Diversity as an imperative
  • Uniqueness & belonging


  • Listen
  • Respond
  • Exceed expectations


  • Best in our business
  • Highest quality products & services
  • Invest in people


  • Clear vision & direction
  • Agent of purposeful change
  • Continuous improvement

Why We Do What We Do

Rapidly proliferating foreign and domestic physical, cyber, and other asymmetric threats threaten national security. Mitigation efforts are often undermined by speed of action and the untapped potential for innovative partnerships among the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, government contractors, and small businesses. Westway sees this as a critically important national call to action for bold, imaginative approaches to security and IT services, secure facility design, capability, scalability, flexibility, cost, and location. Underpinning the Westway approach is a deeply experienced team, ensuring strict adherence to applicable standards.

Westway’s Vision

A national SCIF architecture that will:

Reduce impediments for government contractors and small, non-traditional businesses with cleared personnel to conduct
business with government entities.

Accelerate IC/DoD/DHS, government contractor, and small business collaboration and innovation initiatives.

Support implementation of IC/DoD/DHS regionalization strategies.

Our Value Proposition

What Westway Delivers

  • SCIF facility operations, management and security

  • IT and Communications Infrastructure (equipment, desktops, phones, etc.)
  • SCIF facility (construction, operations management and maintenance)
  • Turnkey operation (Day 1 availability)
  • Conflict free: Westway does not compete with its facility clients or solicit government contracts
  • Enablement for small and non-traditional businesses to drive innovation and competitiveness
  • Opportunities for IC/DoD/DHS and private sector to scale their operations, from one desk to large suite configurations, coupled with cost-effective alternatives to large upfront and facility sustainment costs
  • Classified collaborative and shared workspaces for the IC/DoD/DHS, and other public and private entities which reduce barriers to sharing and communication while maintaining security
  • Maximum flexibility, agility, and affordability for tenants

Why Westway?

Grounded by a sense of patriotism and purpose

National security is our why, SCIFs are our what, and the Westway model is our how.

Relationship company

Reputation of putting the needs of clients, tenants, and national security first, even before the bottom line.  Highly experienced team with extensive relationships and credibility across government and intelligence communities.

“Alone” in market with a time-proven service model

Transformational, adaptive service model that has been tested over the last 16 years with proven performance. Others have tried but failed.

Already running – not standing flat on our feet