Westway Secure Services Locations

Westway services locations are constructed to U.S. Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705 standards and is fully accredited.  Everything you need to get to work is included at your desk, including communication infrastructure and equipment.  In addition to SCIF space, select Westway locations offer fully accredited secret collateral space.

Three Key Components of Westway’s Security Infrastructure



        • Design, construction, installation, and operation of our government accredited secure spaces and networks overseen by highly skilled and experienced security, and IT professionals.


        • Ensure compliance with sponsor issued contracts, DD254s, and other regulatory guidance.
        • Work closely with accreditation officer to validate requirements and ensure all are met prior to accreditation.
        • Manage all physical and cyber security activities within facilities.
        • In-house expertise and means to conduct comprehensive RF and acoustic testing prior to, during, and after completion of secure space construction.

Flexibility in Facility Design

        • Allows for different levels of classified work including secret, TS/SCI, and SAP processing.
        • All secure spaces meet ICD / ICS 705 SCIF specifications to provide flexibility to accommodate changes in demand for workspace at a particular classification level.

SCIF as a Service℠ An Enabling Capability in the IC Security Tool Kit

Creates opportunities to consolidate and manage centrally

Presents opportunity to simplify and reduce risk.


Protects and enforces security standards

Physical and operational security enhancements consistently meet or exceed SCIF policy standards across all sites.  

Rapidly scales to meet mission demand

Flexibility for mission surges and other times demand for classified workspace for agency employees causing displacement of supporting non-government entities from agency secure spaces.

Provides a business case for an additive IC accreditation method

Amplifies the need to accredit the facility, not individual companies.  Greatly simplifies current
accreditation process and incentivizes shared use of security facilities by multiple agencies.