Westway Enterprise’s Vice President of Government Affairs and Corporate Security, Jerry Weeks, recently participated as a guest speaker at an advanced ICD 705 training course which hosted over 150 attendees from various industry partners that support DoD and the IC.  SPG, Inc. presented the course as part of their secure facilities consulting services (more at spgsecure.com).

The ICD 705  Advanced Physical Security course is designed for a unique niche of ICD 705 trained individuals and/or those with SCIF practical construction experience who may find they are left with more questions than answers on how to achieve performance in seeking compliance with the gray areas of ICD 705 interpretation. The ultimate goal is to be on the same page with the Accrediting Official (AO) in both interpretation of adequate countermeasures and solutions for technical issues leading to accreditation.  As a recent Accrediting Official for NRO, and due to his past experience with the ODNI, DIA, and CIA, Jerry was able to provide his unique perspective from both sides of accreditation. 

This was a 4-day event that concluded with Mr. Weeks serving on a subject matter expert panel for Q&A discussion.  Questions were received on the best path to accreditation, TEMPEST, the biggest changes coming to 705, experiences over the years and what changes have made the most significant impact.  Other questions were how to deal with AO’s, CTTA’s, medical portable electronic device guidance, and policy implementation. 

Westway’s participation was appreciated and well received. It was a very rewarding experience and Westway is grateful for the opportunity to contribute and assist industry in SCIF construction and management best practices.

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