The Westway Solution

Taking alternative options for secure space into account, Westway’s team has created a solution that addresses the needs of this community. It is important to note some major differences between Westway secure facilities and a traditional office building.

As part of the Westway solution, the flexibility of suite sizes allows any size organization to have the opportunity to grow in Westway’s facilities. The smallest rentable space is a single seat cubicle or a private office with two desks. This allows any company to work in a secure space with a financial commitment that they can afford.

With private single suites as small as 1 seat and as large as 100 seats, Westway can provide space to accommodate the needs of any tenant from a single seat to hundreds of seats by renting contiguous suites as is. Using this feature, multiple clients have grown from single seats into larger suites.

The Question?

Why do you need/want a secure workspace?

• To enter the classified contract market
• To perform classified work
• To train classified workforce

Regardless of the need, there is one common factor, building/Maintaining Classified Workspace is Expensive!

Westway’s Answer

Instead of buying, certifying and maintaining your own SCIF space

Westway will build one to your specifications in our facility and lease the space to you, potentially with options to buy – from Unclassified up to TS/SCI level. at a Very competitive rate and timeline.

Westway will lease you a space which fits the size of your needs, a full-service Turn-key secure real estate facility, complete with secure services for a single seat (one cubicle) up to an entire buildings as a traditional lease or a managed services contract. Our “Shared Service” concept and menu pricing are built to make Westway your best value